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Movie Review: Highlander the Source

Highlander the Source

I said a while back that I would do a review of this. I’ve been putting it off and finally decided to just write the stupid thing and be done. So here it is.

Basic Premise:
It’s a few decades in the future from the last movie (can’t remember how long or if they even specified) and the last of the immortals are searching for truth in one of the oldest myths on the planet — the true prize and what the one really is. While they are searching, they are being hunted by the man whose job it is to guard the prize. Duncan must team up with old friends and new to solve this ages old mystery and determine who will be the only one.

Don’t bother. Seriously. If you like Highlander, don’t watch this movie. This is only a little bit better than Highlander 2 and that little bit is only because they didn’t rewrite the whole mythology of the movies/series like Highlander 2 did.

Now please keep in mind that I love Adrian Paul and I’ll watch anything where he appears. I’ve tried to track down everything he’s in so I can see it and buy it. That’s the only reason I bought this movie without having seen it first and it’s the only reason I’m keeping it. If not for Adrian Paul’s role in this movie (and Mythos), it would have been traded in for something better by now.

If you do decide (against all better judgment) to watch this movie, don’t sit through the whole thing. There really is no need. Go to the DVD menu and skip to the last chapter before the credits. In this last chapter, the only female character in the movie (I forget her name) will sum up the ENTIRE movie for you in a nice ten minute nut shell. I’m not joking. It’s reminiscent of what happened at the end of Bloodrayne (yes, I saw it. yes I regretted it) but there’s narration.

And let me just add (without giving anything away) that the ultimate prize for the one sucks. I hope the cosmos kept the receipt ’cause I want to give it back and get something better.

The only good point this movie had, IMO, was the remake of ‘Princes of the Universe’. It was more heavy metal than rock this time around. The singer couldn’t hit as many high notes as the lead in Queen (if he was trying) but it sounded good and I wouldn’t mind a copy.

After the fact addition (23 May – 8:35am) – I take it back. Upon hearing the full version of the new Princes of the Universe, I’ll stick with the original. Much like the theme for Charmed, only the small part they play for the movie sounds good.

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