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Misc Ramblings #9 – Kanon Wakeshima

Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima
The end theme of Vampire Knight

I have totally fallen in love with this song. It probably helps that I love the anime too (more on that when I’ve finished the manga and seen if the anime will continue). Just as a reference, Kanon-san really is playing that cello. 😀

Here’s the same vid with English subtitles.

Here’s a clip of the Vampire Knight ending and the full lyrics of the song (in Japanese).

Hi miss alice
Anata garasu no
Me de donna yume wo
Mirareru no?
Mirareru no?

Mada atashi
Kokoro ga sakete

Sukima ni sasaru

Hi miss alice
Anata ga jitsu no
Kuchi de dare ni ai wa
Nageteru no?
Nageteru no?

Mou atashi
Kotoba o tsumaku
Shita no netsu

Same kitte
Meteru outamo
Utae nai

Still, you do not answer

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