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Movie Review: New Moon


Basic Premise:
Bella and Edward are back. Bella is plagued with thoughts of aging while Edward is more concerned with simply keeping her alive. In order to do that, he makes himself absent. Her despair at his absence makes her turn to Jacob, who is having issues of his own. Nothing is going right and the things that are going wrong could get Bella killed.

Yup, I went to see it. Bite me. I like vampire movies. I’ll watch any and every vampire movie. I may not like them (matter of fact I’ve seen some that redefined “suck” on so many levels that I want back the time I wasted watching them… The Immortal for instance *grumble grumble*) but I will watch them.

I first must say that I have not read the books (and have no intention of reading the books now that I’ve seen the movies… just the way I am). So I cannot speak about how well the movie kept to the books.

New Moon… I liked Jacob. I liked how we got to see more of him. I liked how we got to see less of Edward. I wasn’t too keen on meeting the vampire council but knew they were around there somewhere.

The action sequences with the wolves rocked. That was the best part of the movie for me. Meyer created two worlds and squished them together and that means one of them will always be secondary. But I really love the wolves (maybe I might be biased) and wished they had gotten more air time.

There was angst (lots of it). If you saw the first movie, you knew there would be more. There were plenty of teenagers wishing their lives didn’t suck (how’s that any different than real life?). But it wasn’t as annoying… (is that the word I want?) as Twilight. To me, the plot felt secondary in Twilight. In New Moon it was an under current throughout so it didn’t just appear because the director needed to break up the angst a little.

Suffice to say (the long of and the short) if you liked the first one, you’ll like the second one. If you hated the first one, then don’t bother with the second. If you didn’t watch the first one because you figured it would suck then… well you can see the pattern.

Since this is a sequel to a movie I wrote a review about previously, I feel like I should reference back to that review with some of the issues I had with the first movie. The actors have grown into the characters so there was no awkwardness in the beginning. The secondary characters didn’t slow the plot but there were too many of them. I had a hard time keeping names straight and after a while I stopped caring and gave up.

Partial pet peeve — New Moon had a prime time thriller ending. Not a cliffhanger but one of those surprises you would see at the end of a Buffy (or Angel) episode where someone says something shocking/unexpected and everything and everyone stops… roll credits. The plot of the movie ended with the obligatory allusions to the next movie, but the overall ending rankled just a little. It’s not like I can tune in this time next week and find out what happened (no, I’m not going to read the books though I may read the wiki).

At least I know that the Twilight franchise will actually get to the next movie, unlike Golden Compass… that was supposed to have a sequel, right?


It’s Complicated – Yikes. What do you do when your ex-wife is the other woman? Watch this and find out.

Dear John – Nope, they didn’t make a movie out of that series about the therapy group from the nineties. This is about a soldier trading letters with his girlfriend while he’s in the Middle East. By the same writer who gave us The Notebook… I didn’t watch that either.

Me and Orson Welles – Nope.

The Lovely Bones – Wow… this is… I don’t know what this is. It’s weird and possibly a DVD movie.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – I knew I wanted to see this when I saw the teaser. A full trailer solidified that. Son of Poseidon versus the gods. I’m there. 😛

Remember Me – Is it tacky to advertise the new movie while you’re starring in the feature film? Obviously not because Pattinson did it. If he’s not a vampire, I’m not interested.

Letters to Juliet – Sure the trailer gave away the whole movie but it looks cute. I may not see it in theaters (too expensive if I’m not getting special effects) but I still want to see it.

You know, I’ve always felt the previews are good indication of who the marketing people think will be in the audience. Horror trailers for a Jason/Freddy movie and stuff like that. So why did I only get one paranormal and a whole lot of angst drama for the vampire movie? I would have liked to have seen an actual full trailer for Beastly.

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