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Movie Review: Boondock Saints 2

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Basic Premise:
Conner and Murphy “The Saints” MacManus are back. After 8 years in hiding, they’ve been called back to Boston to find the killer of a priest. They meet old foes and new as well as old friends and new in their quest to mete out their form of justice.

The Saints are definitely back. Any fan of the first movie will definitely love this one, assuming you can find a theater that carries it. I don’t know what the powers-that-be behind this movie were thinking giving this movie a limited release but they are only hurting themselves and their income.

The same humor of the first movie is back and the MacManus brothers are just as crazy as ever. The great thing about this movie is that we get to see some of the family history. The greatest thing about this movie is the allusion to another possible sequel, maybe even more than one. I hope it happens because the MacManus brothers are far from finished.

For those who are frustrated at the lack of theaters carrying this movie, keep the faith. It seems they are adding more and more. Keep looking. Or, hope the DVD releases soon. 😀

Again, the powers-that-be for this movie are not thinking or they didn’t actually watch the movie. I don’t know who they expected to be in the audience for this movie but the previews were WAAAAAAAY off.

Broken Embraces – Foreign film starring Penelope Cruz that won tons of art festival awards… ie an artsy type movie that most people coming to see a shoot-em-up wouldn’t be interested in.

Book of Eli – this preview makes a little more sense. Still a good looking movie

The White Ribbon – again, back to the artsy films and that WTF feeling.

Kick-Ass – This is a definite HELL NO. I’d say this is a cautionary tale of why NOT to put on your pajamas and go do what the guys in the comics do.

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