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Movie Review: Daybreakers


Basic Premise:
It’s 2019 and 99% of the population are vampires… starving vampires. The last 1% of humans are dwindling into extinction. Ed Norton, a vampire hematologist, needs to find a substitute for human blood, but the last remaining humans offer him a cure instead. But, will he be in time?

Based on the trailers, this movie could either be really good or really bad depending on the writing and the acting. Well, you want to know which it was?


Great premise but the implementation wasn’t that great. I guess this is supposed to be a horror (I’m the wrong person to ask since I’m completely desensitized to what movies call scary). There are plenty of unneeded “jump” moments (points in the movie where there are lulls and then suddenly something loud and seemingly scary pops up, startling the audience). There’s also people being ripped apart with body parts and blood flying everywhere, so I guess that places this in the horror genre.

The ending ruined it for me. I thought they would do something clever and was disappointed when they didn’t. There were so many great ways to end that movie. Ending it with a voice over that possibly hinted at a sequel, or intro to a TV series, wasn’t one of them.

*sigh* So very disappointed. But, as a vampire movie, I had to go see it.

Piranha 3D – Why? Seriously, why? Did we really need another scary ocean movie… and in 3D, no less.

Cop Out – Bruce Willis either owes someone a favor or a lot of money to make this movie. It seems really funny but I’m also convinced we probably saw all the funny parts in the trailer.

Kick-Ass – Still looks stupid but it might be good for a DVD rental. Definitely wouldn’t see it in theaters. It sort of reminds me of Mystery Men.

A-Team – OMFG!!! I loved this show as a kid. I so can’t wait for this movie. The casting looks a little iffy but the acting will tell. 😀 This summer is going to rock!

From Paris With Love – Bald John Travolta… hmmm. Not sure what I think about that. It looks like fun and the James Bond-esque title is endearing me to it. But I may wait for the DVD.

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