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Random Previews: Feb 2010

Yikes! I almost missed February’s random previews. That’s not good at all, especially with all the cool movies coming out.

The Bounty Hunter (19 march 2010)
LOL!! This looks like a couple’s movie for sure. And I don’t mean dating couples. I mean married couples. Just like Mr. And Mrs. Smith is a married couple’s movie. Most single and/or dating people don’t get it but the married people will LOVE it. I definitely want to see this, even if Gerard Butler does look like he put on a little weight (nooooo!! that 300 physique gone to waste. WHY!!?).

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Limited Release Starting March)
I know nothing about the books. The preview told me this is a trilogy. The website told me more about the premise since the trailer (and more than likely) the movie is meant for the fans. It’s kind of rare for me to be on the outside looking in at a highly anticipated for-fans movie, but… here I am. Can’t say as I’m impressed with the trailer or the premise. Maybe a DVD movie.

Chloe (26 March 2010)
Interesting premise. It’s got a Single White Female vibe going. Looks like fun and I’ll enjoy watching it. Maybe not in the theaters but I’ll definitely try to see it.

Centurion (UK Release April, US Release?)
Now this looks nice. It would probably make a great double feature with the new Robin Hood that’s coming out. BUT, since there seems to be no release date for the US and past experience (Dorian Gray) has shown I may not get a chance to see it.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (16 July 2010)

Disney is on! I can’t wait to see this. Really, I just want to see the dragon but the rest of the movie looks good too.

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