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Movie Review: A-Team


Basic Premise
Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and BA have leaped from the TV screen to the big screen. This is the introduction of the A-Team–how they met and how they came to be known as the A-Team.

The movie did the series justice. I can say that I don’t remember much about the series but this movie made me want to watch it again. It was hilarious and filled with the type of action A-Team the TV series was known for.

I also appreciated the bask history of the major players. The movie fleshed out BA’s history a lot and made me like the character so much more (he was always my favorite).

If you’re a fan of the show, you will love the movie.

Parents there is cursing and sexual situations and lots and lots of gun play.

– Kia Commercial – Hamsters rapping to Black Sheep – This isn’t a preview but it was funny as hell. I give Kia a huge thumbs up for thinking of this. Very eye catching and memorable.

Takers – No, for the umpteenth time. There are no takers.

Eclipse – My guilty pleasure. But hey, at least I get to see it for free. Movie Watchers rewards has paid off. 😀

The American – I’ve already commented about this.

Inception – This one too.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Still looks like it’s worth seeing.

Predators – Time to get back to basics. Hopefully it won’t be a complete repeat of the first movie.

Knight and Day – Tome Cruise = No.

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