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Movie Review: Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

Basic Premise
Jonah Hex is an ex-confederate soldier who watched his family murdered before his eyes. He was supposed to die too but a shaman brought him back, though not all the way. He can now talk to the dead and uses the power to hunt down bounties. A new bounty has come his way, the man who murdered his family, a man Jonah thought was dead. Jonah will make sure the man stays dead this time.

I have to say I don’t know much about the comic so I defer to the person who does– my father. He is a Jonah Hex fan and said the movie did the comic justice. As a newcomer to the franchise, I liked the movie. It was done very well.

I had the feeling that The Crow stole their premise from Jonah Hex with all of those crows flying around. I loved the story-telling, though I’m biased since that’s the way I tell stories. They revealed things little by little instead of dumping everything on you all at once as soon as it comes up.

The only downside of the movie was music choices (bet you thought I would say Megan Fox but no). The director that hard metal was the way to go for the climatic fight scene. Umm… no. This is not a hard metal movie and that wasn’t a hard metal fight scene. Maybe rock but not hard metal. Other than that, I had no issues with the movie.

I do I have to say that Megan Fox needs to eat. Corsets take off upwards of 4 inches (I love wearing corsets for that reason), and she couldn’t afford to lose that. Not even the camera adding 10 pounds kept that woman from looking like she’d break in half if someone looked at her wrong.

There is cursing and shooting and people dying in painful ways. This is not a kid’s movie. It’s not an action-packed blockbuster either. But, it’s a good movie to see if you want to go the movies and see something.

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