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Movie Review: Karate Kid

Karate Kid

Basic Premise
Dre Parker has just been relocated to China because of his mother’s job. He’s having the typical new kid response to a new town, including bullies. He wants to fight back but his bullies are well versed in kung fu. He is not. To be on equal footing, Dre gets a reluctant teacher in Mr. Han. They have until the big tournament to get Dre ready.

You can tell that Jaden Smith is Will Smith’s son. That boy got all of his daddy’s acting ability and a large chunk of his mother’s. I’m sure everyone remembers the climatic Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode when Will’s father abandoned him and Will cried. Not a dry eye in the house. Everyone got choked up by that scene. Prepare to feel that again because Jaden can do it too.

This movie wasn’t a repeat of the original. It was BETTER. You feel for Dre so much more than Daniel because Dre is 12. When Dre gets his beat down, it’s not a matter of everyone saying ‘take it like a man’. He’s still a kid and no one wants to see a kid take that kind of punishment.

Sure the movie was titled wrong since karate is no part of this movie (make a brief cameo before it is tossed to the side), but I’m not holding that against it since the movie makes it very clear what type of martial arts is being used. The general plot is the same as the original but the players and the setting are different. Frankly, I like the remake more.

This has to be the first movie where Jackie Chan probably didn’t end up getting hurt while filming. I’m not sure (too lazy to find out). Jaden did an amazing amount of training for this movie (they show clips during the credits so stick around for that). I only hope he keeps up with it since that is a skill to have. It’ll take him far in the movies since it looks like that’s where he wants to be.

Parents this movie may inspire you children to take martial arts lessons. Be warned. As stated above, you do see Jaden getting beat down a few times. The violence is real and portrayed in a real way.

I feel this is a good movie for the summer and recommend it.


Secretariat – You know, I was wondering when they were going to do this movie. I want to see it, just not in theaters.

The Last Airbender – Soon.

Despicable Me – The more previews I see for this, the less I want to see it. I think I’ll be waiting for DVD.

Flipped – This preview left such a little impression on me that I had to look it up to see what it was about and I still can’t tell you. That would make this a no.

Gulliver’s Travels – Jack Black always has the most interesting movies. That said, I’ll be waiting for DVD.

Grownups – DVD.

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