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Retro Movie Review: Zombieland


Basic Premise
An unknown plague has taken over the world and has turned the inhabitants into zombies. Those who were turned soon became infected after being gnawed on by those who were. Columbus is on his way home from college, hoping that his town and parents are unaffected. On the way he has the (mis)fortune of meeting Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock who join his search for survivors and Twinkies.

Before you say it, YES, it took me this long to see this movie. The previews didn’t interest me. I always knew I would wait for the DVD. I don’t think I would have liked this movie in theaters anyway.

As it is, I saw it on DVD and thought it was funny as hell. This isn’t the typical zombie movie of guns blazing and zombies being mowed down by hot, kickass lead actors. This is a group of average-looking people just trying to survive and maintain.

To that end, Columbus has a small notebook full of rules to live by. Things like “beware of bathrooms” (zombies like to hide there), “the double tap” (shoot them twice to be sure they are dead rather than kicking the body or some other stupid action that might get you killed), “cardio” (you’ll be running for your life so stay fit), and other such rules. Whenever he uses a rule, it flashes across the side of the screen in an almost video game-esque reminder of the rule. I found that cute and funny.

I like this light-hearted look at zombies and enjoyed the movie. Again, not something I would have paid theater prices for. But as a Redbox rental, it was a good pastime.

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