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Retro Movie Review: Innocent Blood

This is the first installment of the vampire movie challenge. These reviews are going to be a bit different format-wise.

Retro Review: Innocent Blood

Year: 1992
Length: 112 min
Starring: Anne Parillaud (vampire), David Proval (human)

Vampire Weaknesses:
– Sunlight
– Garlic
– Neck-breaking
– Bullets to the head
– Like zombies until after first feeding

Vampire Traits:
– Can see reflection
– Single bite transference with one hour turn around
– Fast healing
– Super strength (broke out of handcuffs)
– Super hearing and sense of smell
– Messy eater (blood everywhere)

Personal Rating: Okay

Basic Premise:
Marie is a despondent vampire looking for a meal and decides mafiosos are on the menu. She screws up a feeding and turns a mafia don. Now she has to track him down and kill him with the help of an ex-undercover cop who used to run with the mafiosos.

Anne Parillaud’s accent made it really hard to understand her at times, especially when John Landis (director) felt the need to give her a god’s head voice. The vampire eyes were always askew. Sucks when the prop contacts don’t work.

Unnecessary full frontal nudity. Slow-paced for what it was and a little campy. There were a lot of loose ends at the end of the film. But hey, at least the cop got laid.

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