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Retro Movie Review: The V Word

Retro Review: Masters of Horror – The V Word

Year: 2007
Length: 58 min
Starring: Micheal Ironside (vampire), Arjay Smith (human), Brandon Nadon (human)

Vampire Weaknesses:
– Decapitation
– Needs to feed after turning or they die
– Sunlight

Vampire Traits:
– One bite transference with few hour turn around
– Can see reflection
– Super strength (I think, no definitive proof)
– Messy eater (throat ripping and blood everywhere)

Personal Rating: Never Want to See Again

Basic Premise:
Two teenage boys decide to see a real dead body. They visit the morgue and get more than bargained for when they meet up with a real vampire and that real vampire wants them.

Cheesy doesn’t cover it. Crappy make-up jobs on all the actors and over done acting. Slow to start. They spent way too much time trying to make this thing scary by having the two kids wandering through the morgue at night. Don’t feel much for the characters. And wasn’t that enamored of the pedo-vampire either.

If this is what Masters of Horror has to offer, I think I’ll avoid their other movies.

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