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Random Previews: August 2010

Oops… looks like I missed July. Oh well.

Sucker Punch (25 March 2011)
From the director of Watchmen and 300 comes ass-kicking, assassin hookers and DRAGONS. Hell yeah! I am totally there. The special effects look sweet but most of all, I want to see that dragon. They want you to see the dragon too. The trailer kept cutting back to it.

Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (01 January 2011)
I thought the people who had brought us Clash of the Titans had decided to see if they could update another classic (yet fall short). Nope. We’re not so lucky. Is claymation making a comeback and I didn’t hear about it?

Soul Kitchen (20 August 2010)
I like the name and it looks interesting. Beware of subtitles though (they don’t bother me, but I thought I should bring it up).

Faster (24 November 2010)
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) stole Vin Diesel’s car and his movie font to make this revenge movie. While it looks interesting, I need a little more because it’s looking a lot like Walk Tall just with cars.

Stone (08 October 2010)
Milla Jovovich is my girl. I’d go see her in pretty much anything. Including this. There’s no action-packed sequences of adrenaline-inspiring mayhem, just plain old drama. Adultery, parole, and a near-retiree caught in the middle. Looks interesting.

Devil (17 September 2010)
M. Night Shyamalan is back again. This time it’s horrifying. No really. He’s doing a horror flick. Five people trapped in an elevator. No one can get them out. And one of them is not who they appear to be. I think the title says it all. I look forward to this one.

Tales from Earthsea (13 August 2010)
WTF!!? Studio Ghibli puts out a new feature film and Disney doesn’t bother to tell anyone? Always the way. Sheesh. “There was a time when humans and dragons were one.” OMG!!! I totally have to see this. Studio Ghibli can do no wrong (according to me). And it has dragons!! SOLD!

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