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Retro Movie Review: Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

Year: 2008
Length: 1 hr 54 min
Starring: Lina Leandersson (vampire), Kåre Hedebrant (human)

Vampire Weaknesses:
– Animal reaction to blood
– Sunlight
– Cats

Vampire Traits:
– Super strength
– Flying
– One bite transference
– See in the dark

Personal Rating: Good

Basic Premise:
12 year old Oskar is the victim of bullies. He can only stand up for himself in his imagination. His only true defense against his tormentors is his refusal to show pain or cry out when they hit him. It seems he’ll be all alone to suffer in silence through his entire school career until Eli moves next door. She’s mysterious and a recluse, which is strange for a 12 year old… except she’s much older than twelve because she’s a vampire. Oskar is drawn to her but her life is more dangerous than he can ever imagine. He’ll have to decide if his new found crush is worth the risk.

This is a Swedish vampire film. It’s more quiet suspense or dramatic horror instead of the usual action-packed, shoot em up vampire fare. Except for the vampire aspect, this could be a normal slice-of-life, coming-of-age drama.

It was an interesting concept. The pacing is very mellow as you get to know Oskar and his life and he gets to know Eli and hers. It’s a typical tragic love story, even if the participants are twelve… sort of.

This movie was along the lines of Stephen King type horror. Everything seems normal and mundane except for the occasional weird happening. And then the secret is out and everything goes to pot. So I’d say fans of Salem’s Lot or Christine would probably enjoy this movie.

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