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Movie Review: Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

Basic Premise:
Batman and Superman destroyed a giant kryptonite asteroid headed for Earth. They thought their worries were over but the asteroid had a surprise hidden within it — Kara Zor’El, Superman’s cousin. She’s new to Earth, new to her powers, and a wild card that spells trouble, especially if Darkseid gets his hands on her.

I’m usually gung-ho about all of DC’s animated movies. I think this one was a little rushed. There wasn’t enough time spent on the plot or developing the character relationships.

Much of the story was sacrificed for prolonged, redundant fight scenes. Yes, Superman can take a hit. Yes, Kara can take a hit. Yes, Wonder Woman can take a hit. Yes, Big Barda can take a hit (oh, by the way Big Barda is in this movie). Yes, Batman is a scary badass. I get it. Can we get back to the story? Alas… no.

It was a giant fighting game with cut scenes to advance you to the next fight. Think Smith battle in the Matrix. After a while you want the punching to end and the plot to resume.

Parents — there is on screen death and mild cursing in this one. It is not meant for kids. But then, most of the DCU animated movies aren’t.

Hopefully the next movie “All Star Superman” will do better, though I’d like for the DCU to choose someone else besides the big three to give an animated feature.

DC Showcase – Green Arrow Review:
This was fun and like all of the showcases, way too short. I wanted more. I think Green Arrow could carry a full length, animated movie.

You meet Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), get embroiled in an international plot to assassinate a royal personage, see arrow’s flying with a major GA villan, and deal with Oliver’s interpersonal issues all in one 15-20 minute span. I liked it better than the feature film.

(Updated 05 October 2010 — I forgot the parental warning. Sorry about that.)

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