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Movie Review: Easy A

Easy A

Basic Premise:
Olive Pendeghast is the typical social outcast teenager until she decides to give up her virginity… sort of. A fake roll in the hay and a lot of rumors later and she’s the most infamous school in girl. That’s a good thing, right?

Easy A lived up to it’s name! This movie so very ROCKED. It was hilarious.

I went into this movie thinking the funniest parts were played in the previews. I was wrong. This movie had a ton to offer. It has definitely raised the bar for high school genre movies from now on. John Hughes would be proud of this gem. The movie even pays homage to him so it’s probably safe to say the writers had him in mind when coming up with this box office hit.

I think I’ll be seeing this again and I’ll be the first in line when it hits DVD.

Olive’s parents made this movie for me. If only all parents were as quirky, the world would be a more interesting place. Every time her parents showed up the laughter didn’t stop.

This movie has gone into my Top 5 list as one of the #1’s, ousting Just Wright and Prince of Persia, something I didn’t think was possible.

Parents, this movie is all about sex, fake and otherwise. There’s no on-screen hot and heaviness but it is the plot. There is cursing but it’s not abundant. If I remember correctly, it’s only in two spots in the entire movie. I’d say this is definitely a movie for teenagers and pre-teens. Anyone under ten probably wouldn’t get most of the jokes or care.

For everyone else, if you are a John Hughes Brat Pack fan, you should already be in line.

Morning Glory – So going to see this!! I actually like The Devil Wears Prada. This is by the same people and they added Harrison Ford. What’s not to love? Even the hubby said this is a must see. 😀

Secretariat – Already commented on this.

It’s a Kind of Funny Story – I think the title says it all. This looks very emotional. I think I’ll wait for the DVD.

Catfish – Sigh. Eye roll. Why do I care that some guy went looking for a internet-only friend in the real world and got burned for it? And it’s all Blair Witched out. More eye rolling. Pass.

Country Strong – Hey, guess what? I don’t have to see this movie. The preview pretty much summed it all up, showed all of the climactic parts, and the ending. Works for me.

Burlesque – Hey why not? All of her friends have already been in movies, why shouldn’t Christina Aguilera? Despite my sarcasm, this movie looks good. I want to see it.

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