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Retro Movie Review: Kick-Ass


Basic Premise:
Dave Lizewski is a typical invisible teen who loves comics. He’s asked the question most comic book fans have asked in the past — why has no one ever put on a costume and gone out to fight crime? He decides to be the first, but quickly learns that the real world isn’t like the comics and he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

I didn’t hate it. I thought I would. I wasn’t impressed with the previews, so I skipped this in the movies. I had no intention of watching it all until my brother rented it. I enjoyed this movie way more than I thought I would.

It has some cheesy parts, but if this were to happen in real life, it would probably play out like this. That bit of realism helped me towards liking the story that much more.

This is NOT the typical comic book movie. People die… horribly and violently. This movie has an R rating for a damn good reason. Every main character takes a pounding at some point in time — yes, even the little girl. This movie is not for the faint of heart.

According to my brother, there is a little deviation from the comic book, but not anything major that distracts from the enjoyment of the movie. I think I’ll be adding it to my DVD collection.

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