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TV Review: Satisfaction Season One


Basic Premise:
Australian Showtime Presents a legal brothel, it’s employees and the their trials and tribulations with work, social lives, families, and everything in between.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this show, but Netflix recommended it since I liked Dead Like Me and Torchwood. Go fig. For once the silly recommendation system actually works. Unlike those times back in the days when Blockbuster tried it and the system suggested I should watch Barney because I like He-Man and Friday The 13th. Then again, I can sort of see the connection. 😛

If prostitution was federally legal in the United States, I hope it would look a little like 232 — that’s the name of the club. I imagine 232 is the way the brothels in Nevada are run — health screenings, John checks, and whatever the girls need to get the job done.

Of course, the job isn’t everything and no TV drama would be complete without family and close friends screwing up a good thing. Satisfaction definitely delivers on that score too. Do you hide it from your family or tell them the truth? Is your boyfriend okay with it or is he faking that he’s okay? Did you just fall in love with a client? The list goes on and on.

Every possible issue is thrown at these women in a spectacular combination of drama and sex. Most enjoyable. In fact, I did the entire first season in one sitting. I only wish Showtime USA offered such this program.

It also seems to be a popular premise since there’s a British show named Hotel Babylon that sounds very, very close to Satisfaction. Remake? Rip-off? Who got there first? Just remember, release dates don’t tell you which writers got to it first.

My favorite characters were Heather and Lauren. I almost liked Chloe the best but she went all goat-weird and whiny mid-season. I don’t think I could ever like Mel and Tippy’s name just gets on my nerves. Natalie’s role (minus the rubber) is probably where I would be in this situation. I liked her business side and how she got things done and made things work.

I guess, if you’re like me and you enjoyed Dead Like Me and Torchwood, you’ll more than likely enjoy this foray into the life of a sex worker. I’m already digging into season two.

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