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Random Previews: October 2010

I missed this in September. Not sure how that happened. But, I’m here now and I’ve booted up Apple/Quicktime and IMDB to check out the new trailers that are available.

Let’s see what the future holds for me and the movies:

The Warrior’s Way (3 December 2010)
Ninja Assassin meets Sword of the Stranger (anime — very good, I recommend it) set in the Wild West. I LOVE IT! I had to giggle through part of this trailer just because it really is Ninja Assassin set in the Wild West. Plot is almost exactly the same. This time the Asian guy is a with a white chick (woot red hair rocks!) instead of a black chick. And it looks like there will be more than longing gazes going on in this one. Looking forward to this one.

Monsters (29 October 2010)
Cthulhu’s kids have come to Earth and taken up residence. Now it’s time for the humans to adapt. It looks interesting. I at least want to go so I can see what the monsters really look like. This promises to be a “human nature” movie more than anything else.

True Grit (25 December 2010)
I loved the original of this movie with John Wayne. I don’t remember much about it now except John Wayne’s character yelling at the heroine a lot. 😛 I’ll have to watch it again before I go see this and I will be going to see this just so I can compare it to the original.

For Colored Girls (5 November 2010)
A Tyler Perry written, directed, and produced film from the hit play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf“. First off, Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson must have one hell of a contract together, because she keeps popping up in his movies. Second, this looks powerful and tear-jerking and not like something I want to watch in theaters. This will probably be one of those movies I only watch once. I’m not saying I won’t like it, because I probably will but there are movies that I can only watch once because they are just too depressing.

Hereafter (22 October 2010)
This looks like another powerful, tear-jerker non-movie theater movie. I want to see it, but I want it to be from the comfort of my own home with the good stuff surrounding me so I come back in one piece. I know that sounds silly to some of you reading this but that’s just the way I am.

I Am Number Four (18 February 2011)
Covenant meets Jumper. Looks like the typical teen angst paranormal. Hopefully they’ll give a better reason for wanting these kids dead than the one they gave in Jumper. I want to see it, even if it is a February movie.

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