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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Basic Premise:
Harry Potter and friends are back again to solve the mystery of the horcruxes as well as the deathly hallows.

It looks like splitting this movie in two parts was a good idea after all. Though it might be a little premature to say this, since I haven’t seen the second part, it looks like the director and writers have returned to following the books once again.

I commend the director and writers for finding a solid stopping point. Not everything is wrapped up, obviously, since this is only half of the story. BUT, the place where they stopped gave it sort of a TV series closure point. It’s a “more to come” ending instead of a nail-biting, must see more NOW cliffhanger.

There were some parts that were glossed over — Dumbledore’s history, the drama between Arthur and Fluer, and the situation at Hogwart’s — but it in no way detracted from the movie for me. Funny enough, the same lulls that exist in the book appear in the movie (meaning – there are slow parts).

HP was pushing that PG-13 rating in one scene. Two more inches and they would have had to bump it up to R. There is plenty of action and violence (let’s put emphasis on the violence since this is the darkest installment of the HP series) and teenage angst/whining. If you wanted to smack Ron after reading the book, that feeling will be doubled watching it on screen (you’ve been warned).

While I have no intention of making a double feature of this when part two comes out (since I’m convinced most theaters will bring back part one as a promotional thing), I look forward to the DVD release so I can watch it as one long movie.

Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader – I’ll be seeing this in a few more weeks.

Green Hornet – I’m back to debating if I want to see this in theaters or wait for the DVD. It’ll depend on what else is coming out around that time, I guess.

Kung-Fu Panda 2 – The little teaser is as much as I will see of this movie.

Cowboys and Aliens – OMFG!! I saw the poster while buying tickets for HP, but didn’t expect to see the preview. This looks AWESOME. I’m totally looking forward to this.

Green Lantern – This is my first preview for this movie. Of course I’m going to see it. I like supporting DC and Marvel movie endeavors. I don’t know why some of the fans were all pissy about his costume being CGI. I think it looks great.

Yogi Bear – Huge No.

Red Riding Hood – I would go see this movie just for the cape. Seriously. I would. Both this and Beastly come out around the same time. I know the hubby won’t want to see either, so I’ll probably make a double feature out of them one day while he’s at work.

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