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Movie Review: Megamind


Basic Premise:
Two orphaned alien children from two different worlds that were destroyed in the same disaster land on Earth and receive two different receptions. While one is adored and good, the other is shunned and decidedly evil… or is he?

When I originally saw the preview for this movie, all I saw was Will Ferrell’s name and I immediately marked it as a pass movie. I’m not a fan. I’ve only seen one of his movies that I’ve actually enjoyed (Stranger Than Fiction)… and now it’s two. 😛

I took a guess as to the plot of this movie after seeing the second preview that ultimately convinced me to overlook Will Ferrell’s part in it and just go see it. My guess, for the most part, was correct. Ah, the pain of being a writer. I dare say, several people could guess this plot. That didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the movie, though.

I’m thinking I might go see it again. It’s not that wonderful. It’s a good movie. But I didn’t pay for the first viewing. The hubby and I used AMC gift certificates we received from a promotion to pay for this venture (view five movies on a list and you get a $10 gift card, which they are doing again for the winter movies). I liked it enough that I wouldn’t mind paying for it… though not IMAX price. I probably won’t pay for the 3D either. It had its moments, but the movie is good with or without 3D.

The characters are hilarious and sad and as three dimension as the screen showing them (did I mention I saw this in 3D?). My favorite character has to be Bernard when he first shows up. Very funny.

The soundtrack for this movie was awesome. A lot of old favorites that fit the movie perfectly and gave it that extra needed umph. The end theme was PERFECT.

I think my favorite part of the movie was the nod to the original Superman movie. Before you say anything, yes, yes, Metro Man is a Superman rip-off. I’m not talking about him. He’s obvious. There’s another equally as blatant nod to the original Superman movie that had me and the rest of the parents rolling with laughter. I’m sure the kids in the audience were a bit confused, but then many of them probably don’t even know about the Christopher Reeves movies.

This movie kept the kids quiet. I was surrounded and I didn’t hear a peep. Great entertainment for the kids, and little tidbits (like the one mentioned above) for the enjoyment of the parents.

Sidenote – stick around once the movie ends. After the first section of credits (like maybe after a minute) there’s a little scene that ties up a loose end.

Rango – I’m waiting for this to come out on DVD.

Zookeeper – In the words of my husband, “It’s Night at the Museum in a zoo.” That means, like the first Night at the Museum, I’ll be waiting for this on DVD.

Yogi Bear – While I did watch the cartoon as a kid, it wasn’t amongst my favorites. Actually this was the cartoon I watched when there was nothing else on and I just wanted to watch TV. Funny how I’m going to treat the movie in like manner.

Tangled – Now that I’ve seen a more in-depth preview, I’m looking forward to this one. It also helps that AMC is doing another promotion that includes this movie.

Gulliver’s Travels – Ah Jack Black… you wait for DVD. It looks cute, but I’m totally waiting for DVD.

Kung-Fu Panda 2 – My first reaction… WHY? My second reaction… I didn’t see the first one so I’m not going to see this one.

Never Say Never – Justin Beiber’s life story… all five minutes of it. PASS.

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