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Movie Review: Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Basic Premise:
Becky Fuller, an up and coming producer, is given a chance to revive a dying morning news/variety show. She’s pulling out all the stops. But, will new gimmicks and a well known, award-winning news anchor really save this show and her career?

Rachel McAdams (Becky Fuller) plays an endearing role that you can’t help but root for. Harrison Ford makes a great grumpy straight man. I went to see this movie because he was in it, and I’m happy that I did. Diane Keaton tied the whole thing together and added that little bit extra that made this movie fun. I didn’t realize Jeff Goldblum (another fav of mine) was in this film. I loved his part, as well.

I would actually have a hard time finding a character I didn’t like.

This is not a romantic comedy though there is a relationship buried amongst the plot. It’s more like a slice-of-life with comedic and romantic elements. This movie is all about Becky and how she pursues and fulfills a life long dream to be a part of the news she loves.

That said, once the laughter started, it didn’t end. This movie had hilarious moments that had me laughing so hard I was in tears. But then it would turn around and have moments where the tears are from sorrow rather than mirth. It’s a fun rollercoaster I won’t mind owning once it comes out on DVD.

There is mild cursing (those allowed in PG-13) but nothing too bad or often. Sexual situations but nothing too risque.

I’d say this movie is a great distraction if you are looking for a contemporary film break from the special effects-filled fantasies cropping up all over.

Little Fockers – As I’ve already said, I’m waiting for the DVD on this one just like I did its predecessors.

The Tourist – This is my first time seeing this preview. It’s got Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, two of my favorite actors. Of course I want to see it. It looks funny with a little action to round it out. My only issue is with the amount of eye makeup Angelina Jolie is wearing… yeesh. I can see that distracting me until I get used to it.

African Cats – I may not be there opening day, but I plan to see this in theaters.

Love and Other Drugs – I want to see this but I’m still unsure if I want to see it in theaters. This is one of those movies where the previews show way too much and I already know the entirety of the film without having seen it.

The Fighter – *sigh* No. I’m sure this will be great and all but not my kind of movie.

No Strings Attached – I think I want to see this. Whether I want to see it in theaters is another matter all together. The preview was hilarious. My favorite line, yelled by Natalie Portman’s character, “Can’t we just have sex?” Every guy’s dream, except the guy it’s happening to. 😛

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