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Return to Pandora — TODAY!

It’s FINALLY November 16th! Woot!

The REAL version of Avatar is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. As some of you may know, the “fake” version came out this past Earth Day, which was the DVD with ONLY the movie. No extras of any kind. I don’t even think there were trailers. That was a complete rip-off, and I absolutely refused to buy it. I waited and my patience will pay off as soon as I go to Best Buy and pick it up (they gave me a rewards coupon for $5 off so they won the who-should-I-buy-from lottery).

Thanks to the evil blu-ray overlords of mayhem, I have to get the blu-ray version since it has more extras (better extras too) than the DVD collector’s edition. They do this crap on purpose and it really irks me. When given a choice, most people will buy the DVD (blu-ray players are still too expensive for most households to have one). But if the only way to get the sweet special features people have come to expect from DVD is to get the blu-ray, then blu-ray wins… by cheating.

I absolutely REFUSE to swap out my current DVD collection for the blu-ray versions. #1 reason – Cost. It’s a complete waste of money. I have well over 500 DVD movies and series. I need to buy a third multimedia case to house them all. There’s nothing wrong with my DVDs or my DVD player. #2 reason – If the movie wasn’t made in hi-def to begin with, it’s not going to look any different on blu-ray than it does on DVD. Actually that’s wrong. You’ll see more pixelation and have a grainy quality of picture. I saw the re-mastered for blu-ray version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast… uh yeah. I’ll stick with the two-disc DVD.

But I digress (I do that alot, you should be used to it by now). If you, like me, were waiting for this day, then it is here. Go forth and enjoy. 😀

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