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TV Movie Review: Firebreather


Basic Premise:
Duncan is a typical teenager of a single parent household just trying to maintain and get by. That becomes so much harder when his old man stops by for a visit, because his father is Belloc king of the kaijuu. The arrival of Belloc means Duncan suddenly has bigger issues than hiding the fact that his father is a sixty-foot demon. Now he has to fight for his life and those of his friends.

I actually watched this two times. I’m glad that I did. The first time I missed the two-minute opener that pretty much explains the origins of Duncan and the strife between the kaijuu and the humans. That opener (even though it is short) is very important and saves on a lot of confusion.

But, even with the opener, there are still some points of confusion until the writers reveal all of the players. I thought it was just me but the hubby and his sister reported similar issues with the storyline.

Beyond that, this was a great movie. I love the art and the characters. It made me want to read the comics (even if the art looks nothing like the movie). Unfortunately, volume one is out of print (I’m sure that’ll change soon) and none of them are available electronically (hoping that will change but I doubt it). I just want to read them, not own them. I might check the library.

I do want to own the DVD of this movie. I’m hoping Image/Cartoon Network will put it out.

For the parents, there is gun violence (and other military weaponry) along with rampaging monsters trying to kill people (as much as they can on a prime time Cartoon Network movie). And there is lots of fire being thrown around.

This movie will more than likely appeal to people who like Ben 10 and TMNT (current version).

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