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Movie Review: Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy

Basic Premise
Years ago, Kevin Flynn disappeared without a trace, and his son Sam is about to find out why. Sam must face the perils of the grid if he ever wants to see his father or home again.

I loved it!

The acting, the script, the effects, the soundtrack — there was nothing about this movie that I didn’t like. I especially love the soundtrack. Daft Punk did an EXCELLENT job. I cannot stop listening to it (especially track 8). Daft Punk actually put in an appearance in the movie. I didn’t know until the hubby pointed that out since I’ve never seen them before (love their music though).

Fans of the first movie will enjoy seeing how the Grid was updated over the years and how the games have evolved. Then again, some fans might just piss and moan that the bikes can curve now instead of only going in angles and straight lines.

I watched Tron way back when I first heard that Legacy was releasing just so I would have some sort of background to base my opinion of the sequel. Legacy is a direct sequel, but it doesn’t rely heavily on the first movie to tell the story. That is the best thing about Legacy. Someone who hasn’t seen the original Tron can still enjoy the movie. Seeing Tron just helps to show how the Grid has changed and gives the full story of Tron, the title character.

Parents, while there is violence in this film and people dying in glorious explosions or being hacked to pieces, there is no blood. It is PG.

If you’re going for the special effects, spring for 3D (IMAX if your theater has it). Totally worth it. I can honestly say that Legacy kept with the spirit of its predecessor — to showcase what movie technology is capable of today. Seeing Jeff Bridges young and old simultaneously was a treat.

While I want to see it again, I’m okay waiting for the DVD. Hopefully there will be a two pack with the first and the second.

Born to be Wild – This looks so cute. Not movie theater cute, but definitely DVD cute.

Green Hornet – I’m still waffling about seeing this in the theaters. It looks like it could be really good or really stupid. I’d hate to lose money to find out though.

Mars Needs Moms – DVD movie.

Thor – YES! Totally yes! I can’t say yes enough times. Chris Hemsworth looks great as Thor. Since Marvel took over production of their movies, I have yet to be disappointed. I am looking forward to this.

Cars 2 – I’ve already said this concept has jumped the shark. That opinion still stands. I’ll wait for the DVD.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Woohoo!! This looks great and they are assembling most of the old gang along with a bunch of new. Throw in a little Black Beard, and we’ve got ourselves a movie worth watching in the theaters.

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