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Movie Review: Warrior’s Way

Warrior’s Way

Basic Premise
Yang is the strongest swordsman ever. A title that is tested at every turn when he refuses to carry out his final mission and kill the sole surviving baby of a rival clan. He leaves his home and travels west to the American badlands where he hopes to have a new start. But he finds out that his troubles have a way of catching up to him.

For everyone who is hoping for wall-to-wall, non-stop sword vs gun fighting action, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I’d say this movie is about 30% action. The rest is character development, back story, and plot.

It’s an entertaining East meets West tale that runs the emotional gamut. There’s a little something for everyone — romance, comedy, drama, action, and the good old-fashioned shoot-em-ups that draw people to westerns.

I’m kind of ambivalent about this movie. Thanks to AMC Movie Rewards, the hubby and I got to see it for free (if you have an AMC in your area and frequent the movies, I suggest signing up since it is free). I think I would still be ambivalent even if I had paid.

I loved the fight scenes and the stylized sword fighting reminiscent of most Asian films (I’m sure that was the intention of the director). The interaction of Dong-gun Jang (who looks better with longer hair) and Kate Bosworth (who looks better with red hair) was good as well.

I think the thing that’s keeping this movie off of my Top 5 list is the amount of tortured souls presented. The only character without emotional damage or a screwed up past was the baby, and that’s only because she’s not old enough to realize everyone is trying to kill her. It was like a movie version of the one-up game.

Parents, be advised that there is a LOT of carnage in this movie. This was on level with 300 and Ninja Assassin with the amount of blood gushing and body parts flying. People are being shot, stabbed, sliced open, and blown to bits on camera. There are sexual situations as well.

Priest – I am so totally there when this comes out. I want to read the comic it’s based on first… if I can find it (a) at the library or (b) as an ebook. Don’t want to own it. Just want to read it.

The Rite – Oh look, Exorcist with Anthony Hopkins. Based on true events or not, I still don’t want to see it.

Drive Angry – It looks silly and a little campy but I still want to see it.

Sanctum – Based on a true story about people being screwed over by Mother Nature while exploring caves. Nope. Not interested.

Season of the Witch – I want to see this. I wanted to see it when I heard about it back in January. Looks I’m a little closer to that goal.

The Fighter – Not interested

Sucker Punch – I reported a while back that I planned to see this because it looks kickass and there is a a dragon. I have since changed my mind about that after seeing the featurette on The 20. Turns out all the cool looking, post-apocalyptic fantasy is the imaginings of a girl locked up in an insane asylum after killing her dad who molested her on a daily basis. Fail.

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