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Random Previews: December 2010

You know, this is turning into a bimonthly thing instead of a monthly thing. Maybe I should just make it officially bimonthly. But then again, if I do that, then it may become quarterly. 😛

On with the show.

Hop (01 April 2011)
I watched the teaser and read the blurb and I’m still confused. I’m guessing this is a slice-of-life (as it were), coming of age tale using bunnies and rock and roll. 😛 I’ll hold my opinion on whether to see it or not until I see a longer preview.

The Eagle (11 February 2011)
While I like watching films set in this era (blame Elizabeth Taylor and Cleopatra), I do believe this is a pass. I also believe the preview gave away a fair portion of the plot and conclusion.

The Temptest (10 December 2010)
“Shakespeare’s final masterpiece” is given a big screen make over using the actual play as it’s script. Looks interesting. Maybe not movie theater interesting. More than likely DVD interesting.

The Roommate (04 February 2011)
Oh goody. The return of the Single White Female, Hand That Rocks the Cradle, American Psycho 2 plots. And like all of those movies, I’ll be seeing this when it comes on TV.

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