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Snort… Laugh… Really?!!

For anyone wondering about my title of this post, please watch the following:

(Note 20 December 2010 revision — The vid I embedded was removed from YouTube, so I’m posting the links to three vids that aren’t allowed to be embedded. It’s funny to note that I didn’t know the commercial I originally posted had weapons omitted. :P)

Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist:

LB3 1:50 FULL commercial
LB3 30 Second theatrical
LB3 G-rated, weapons omitted version

Much thanks to “InspiredGames” for posting the above.

I saw this little nugget before the previews started for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which this was the appropriate movie to air it, I won’t argue that.

The first thing the hubby and I said to each other after seeing the above — that is the MOST ethnically diverse and open-minded gang I have ever seen. I mean, I don’t think they left any one gang stereotype unrepresented. It’s hilarious.

In a real world scenario, they would watch him do that and then look at each other in confusion. One of them would then knock him over the head, another would take his guitar, and the rest would beat the crap out of him. When they were done, they would all walk away laughing.

And what’s up with the title? Is that their way of making it sound “hard”?

So, to reiterate…




*Laughs some more*

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11 thoughts on “Snort… Laugh… Really?!!

  • Jinx McHue says:

    “that is the MOST ethnically diverse and open-minded gang I have ever seen. I mean, I don't think they left any one gang stereotype unrepresented. It's hilarious.”

    Really? Another blogger critical of the commercial is convinced that it's actually racist. Wouldn't an “ethnically diverse and open-minded gang” actually not be racist? So which is it?

    “In a real world scenario”

    Well, that's the thing right there. This is a commercial for a video game, and video game commercials often portray the game scenarios and action in “real-life” settings. They've been doing commercials like that since the days of the original Nintendo console. Is this commercial honestly more ridiculous than having a grown man dressed up as Link from “Legend of Zelda” going around killing foam rubber monsters?

  • Jinx McHue says:

    Well, gee… Here's a big surprise. (Not.) Someone false flagged the video and got it removed from YouTube.

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

    Uh-huh. Sure.

  • Jinx – At NO POINT did I mention the word “racist” in my post. I said HILARIOUS. And it is. The company probably did it to cover their ass so they wouldn't be sued for representing any one race in a bad light. Good on their lawyers and/or writers for having some sense.

    Next time don't read between my lines. I say exactly what I mean and nothing else.

    ~ Renee

  • Jinx, Doll, you are the only one who brought up racism into this ridiculously stupid commercial. Renee and I both got a laugh out of the man backing up and the gang allowing him to “show them the light” with a few guitar riffs.

    The fact that they tried to use an ethnically diverse gang was an obvious attempt not to get back lash by the community at large.

    Maybe they thought that because a diverse group of people play, they would not be upset bu a diverse gang of thugs trying to kick the shit out of some innocent white boy.

    Whatever their goals in this, Renee and I both thought it was awesomely bad on their PR department.

    At this point, I would love for you to clarify if you are calling Renee a racist or not. Your posts were insinuating and inflammatory, but not too clear. If you see Renee or the commercial as racist, just come out and say that. Hints and this beating around the bush thing is tiring.

    Just say in plain English what you mean.

    Of course, if you want to gather arms and start raise awareness about something, how about you check out the HP web cam with facial tracking, the one that you need extra lighting and possibly a patch to get it to track your face if you are too dark skinned of a black person.

    IMO, the damn thing should have been checked to see if it worked on all facial tones from the darkest of dark to very pale.

    Awaiting your response…


  • Julia says:

    All I can say is “Really?!!”

  • Jinx McHue says:

    Renee, likewise, I never said you called the commercial racist. I was pointing out the amusing fact that another critic of this commercial came to the exact opposite conclusion as you about the ethnic makeup of the gang. You called it “ethnically diverse and open-minded.” The other person called it “racist.” It just goes to prove that the game company is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

  • Jinx McHue says:

    Steph, dear, the commercial uses the same tack that other commercials for video games have used since the days of the original Nintendo, if not earlier. It depicts game play in a dramatized real world scenario. Is this commercial any different from, say, a Nintendo commercial with a grown man dressed as Link from the Zelda games fighting foam-rubber monsters?

    As for Renee, you'll see in my previous post my intent of my comment, which I shall repeat for the record: I was pointing out how amusing it was that two different critics of the commercial came to exact opposite conclusions about the same part of the commercial.

    Finally, I honestly have no clue what the issue with the HP cam has to do with anything beyond the HP cam.

  • The HP cam does not work as they say. It refuses to track anyone with dark skin on normal settings. You have to back light like you are on stage. It's a flaw that should have been addressed before it was released to the public. A lot of people are getting up in arms over it. HP is making no comments or does not seem to want to even address the issue. It's sad as a lot of folk bought these camera's as Christmas gifts.

    I got you comment now. But I'm going to have to say I would prefer Link running around and attacking foam suite then this over PC crap. I think they crossed the line into way huge fantasy and managed to offend everyone while doing it.

    Kind of reminds me of those Sony ads a few years ago where they had a photo of a white woman kicking the crap out of a black chick with the caption, “White is coming.” They never showed the whole add where the models were kicking each other's asses, and when they did, it was too late. the dammage had been done. Stupid add for the PSP. Sigh.

    Maybe if they showed some of the game graphics and not tried to tell some strange and twisted tale of poor inner city youth gone wrong, the add might not have been pulled. You would think the ad agency would be more up on their game or the executive that approved it took a look at his or her demographic before allowing something like that.

    Yeah, I'll take link any day. There hasn't been much uproar about racial stupidity in the Elvish kingdoms… Though there is a lot of talk about Link and Legalos in a sordid relationship that has to remain unnamed, but I think that would be another post. *g*


  • Jinx McHue says:

    Steph, I still fail to see what the issue with the HP cam has to do with anything here, but since you keep mentioning it…

    I'm sure the issue with the camera is some bizarre technical glitch, not racism. If HP is telling people how to resolve the issue (better lighting and a software patch), then they obviously are addressing the issue. If your or other people's beef with HP is that they aren't addressing any charges of racism, then good on HP! Such charges are silly and ignorant and HP shouldn't have to answer to any of them. Why does everything have to be about racism with some people, anyway?

    Back to the Left Behind commercial, I really don't see how the commercial can be viewed as offensive (except maybe to gang members, and they should be offended!). I almost think people are deliberately looking for things to be offended by.

    As far as what they could have showed, again, they've done nothing terribly new with portraying game play in a real world setting. And the original YouTube video wasn't pulled for any legitimate reason. I asked their social media manager about it and they were still trying to find out from YouTube why it was pulled. The whole “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content” is a bunch of hooey.

    Finally, the Zelda games are pretty racist by today's politically correct standards. All the humanoid characters are lily white. No racial diversity whatsoever.

  • Jinx – Looks like I read your comment wrong. Sorry about that. The way I read it made it sound like you were saying I was another blogger who found the commercial racist. I kept re-reading my post trying to figure out from where you got that idea.

    ~ Renee

  • Jinx McHue says:

    Apology accepted, Renee. If my wording caused the problem, then I tender my own apologies, too.