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Movie Review: Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

Basic Premise
A disillusioned crusading-era knight is given one last task by the very church he has abandoned — deliver the witch into the hands of the monks who will break the cursed plague she has wrought upon them all.

This movie is interesting. It’s suspense horror. More drama than anything else. It is not action-packed, special effects coming out of every corner, dodging danger every second, surviving by the skin of your teeth. If that’s what you want, do not go to this movie because you will be severely disappointed and angry.

Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman are the main characters. I loved them. They work well together. This is a very character driven movie with those two as the focus.

Sadly enough — and I think it’s mainly because of the crusading aspect of the movie — it reminded me of Dante’s Inferno. The tortured main character looking for redemption who is struggling with his lost faith in the church and himself.

Not much I can say about this movie. I only paid $2 thanks to a gift card and I think that’s all I wanted to pay for it. Not saying it was bad but it’s not my usual movie-theater movie fare. I’ll probably get the DVD once it’s dropped to $5.

No Strings Attached – This looks funny and I might actually swallow my dislike of Asthon Kutcher to see it… just not in theaters.

The Rite – I love Anthony Hopkins but I don’t want to see this. Maybe when it comes on TV.

Sanctum – Walking around in caves no human should be messing with and shit happens. Nope. Don’t want to see it.

Cedar Rapids – This looks stupid. They probably showed all of the funny parts in the preview. It looks like they definitely showed the ending.

Take Me Home Tonight – This looks equal parts hilarious and stupid. Why is the 80’s coming back? It hasn’t been gone long enough for it to be nostalgic yet.

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