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Random Previews: January 2011

It’s that time again. 😀

The Resident (17 February 2011)
Ummm this is a candidate for the “shortest movie ever” award. Main character gets video proof of some strange guy in her apartment while she’s sleeping. She takes footage to police. Guy goes to jail. End of movie. Or that’s how the movie should end. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

The Housemaid (21 January 2011)
South Korean film about a maid who is taken advantage of by the master of the house, gets smacked around by the master’s wife for getting pregnant, and then seeks revenge. Sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to the DVD.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (13 July 2012)
In true Ice Age format, this isn’t a trailer for a movie. Rather it’s a bit of the writers and animators torturing poor Scrat, which is always hilarious. This is no exception. I know nothing about the new Ice Age and probably won’t see it since I didn’t see the third one, but the short was great.

Fast Five (29 April 2011)
O.O!! OMFG! This is going to ROCK! And not just because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in it. That does help though. I am totally looking forward to this movie. I did notice Han, however. So this would be another Furious sequel that takes place (timeline-wise) before Tokyo Drift. How much did that man do before he went to Japan?

Summer Wars (24 December 2010)
Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this looks good. It’s more than just a slice-of-life story of computer geeks finding love. There is action, romance, drama, and end of the world mayhem. I’m going to look for this on DVD.

The Mechanic (28 January 2011)
This is a remake of a 1972 film by the same name. I never saw that film. I don’t intend to see that film. I do intend to see this one. I love Jason Statham. I especially love Jason Statham when he’s in a movie kicking butt and killing people. I plan to enjoy this unless the writers really screw up the plot beyond belief.

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