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Movie Review: I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four

Basic Premise
There nine of them scattered all over the world. They are the saviors of their race and ours. They are being hunted in order, one by one. Number one through three are dead. He is number four. He only wants a normal life as a high school teenager, but destiny has bigger plans.

This didn’t suck. I went in thinking to see a movie like Covenant. This was so much better. I’m actually looking forward to the sequel that was alluded to so heavily at the end.

For those who think this movie is reminiscent of Jumper, don’t worry. It actually has a believable reason for these kids to be hunted. And the plot and character development will make you start to care if the characters live or die.

The level of teenage angst and moody emo-ness is far below all of the Twilight movies, though this is a slice-of-life high school drama with a science fiction twist. That means the normal drama present in any teenage film will appear — girls, dating, jocks vs nerds, etc.

The effects were outstanding. I wouldn’t pay 3D money for it, since the effects are only about a third of the movie, but they are definitely worth seeing. They are the accent rather than the center. This movie moved because the characters and the plot progressed it not because someone wanted to show off what they could do with a computer art degree.

Parents there is only mild cursing that is largely ignorable if you don’t draw attention to it. There is killing violence but not a lot of blood.

Thor – The more I see that man with his shirt off, the more I want to see this movie. I however do want to stop seeing the trailers. This was a new trailer. I have almost pieced together the plot… I hate when I do that.

Beastly – It’s about damn time. I caught wind of this movie back in 2009. It was supposed to be out this time last year but got pushed back. Whatever reason for the delay, I’m glad they got over it because I’m really looking forward to this one.

Cowboys & Aliens – The title alone makes me want to watch this movie. I’m just lucky that the plot and action looks half way decent.

Source Code – DVD movie. I can’t see how this guy can do much of anything in eight minutes.

Battlefield: Los Angeles – I think I’ll pass on this all together. Either that or I could make it a invasion Earth night (once this is out on DVD) and watch this, Skyline, and that JJ Abrams film (also when it is on DVD) at the same time.

Prom – Nooooo. More teenage angst. This actually looks funny and like something I would enjoy. Just not in the movie theater. Definitely a DVD movie.

Real Steel – I love Hugh Jackman. I’m still out on whether or not I love Hugh Jackman enough to see the live action version of rock’m sock’m robots. 😛

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