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Random Previews: February 2011

And here it is February. My how time is flying. 😀 Let’s see what the movie trailer people have in store for me today.

Apollo 18 (22 April 2011)
Horror in space. Interesting. In this day and age when everything has been seen and done, finding new ways to tell the same old story is king. It’s a tried and true plot and I like the twist. But, I’ll wait for the DVD.

I Saw the Devil (4 March 2011)
Korean film. Man when it comes to psychological thrillers/horror no one does it better than the Asian community. This looks twisted as hell. I think I really want to see it. The sick person in me is loving it. Man’s wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer that he then hunts down and torments relentlessly whenever the serial killer tries to kill. *eg* I also love the tagline — He’s not getting revenge; he’s just getting started.

The Bleeding (25 February 2011)
I’m surprised I never mentioned this one before. I could have sworn I did because I’ve seen the preview before. But if I didn’t, let’s talk about this now. You know me and vampires. I’m there. It’s the Cain and Abel story with a vampire slayer twist. Toss in hot chicks, explosions, guns, and DMX and you gotta a movie I just might have to see in theaters.

Black Death (11 March 2011)
It’s 1348 and the black death is ravaging the country. Everywhere there is death and destruction, except one village remains untouched. Is it the will of God or does another powerful entity hold sway? One knight has traveled there to learn the truth. I hope he finds it ’cause I’m not watching this to learn what it is.

Hop (01 April 2011)
They finally put up a trailer. Okay, I HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. Live action with a CG bunny. It seems to the heir to the Easter Bunny title would rather tour the world than take over the family business. He’s bunking down in Hollywood until his stardom dreams come true. This looks too cute.

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