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Movie Review: Battle Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles

Aliens have invaded Earth. Humans are fighting back with everything they’ve got and then some. To wipe out the alien threat, a missile strike that will decimate an entire city is ordered. One marine unit is sent in to extract any remaining civilians before the bombs start dropping.

This is not ID4. This is not witty banter and cute jokes made by a group of good looking people who all happen to be dead eyes with great luck and amazing computer hacking skills. This is a war movie. It’s even filmed like a war movie with crazy camera angles and flying debris.

You are right there in the action. You see what the marines see, or don’t see as the case may be. You feel these characters. You are fighting right along side them. People die and you feel the loss.

I’m not much for war movies. I didn’t even intend to watch this one, but I enjoyed it. There isn’t much else to say beyond that.

Parents – I already said it. This is a WAR movie. There is cursing and dying and shooting and people getting blown up.

X-Men: First Class – Looking forward to this but also apprehensive. Of all of Marvel’s movies, I look forward to X-movies the least. Which is truly sad because they used to be the only title I read.

Limitless – Don’t want to see the movie. I just want that pill. ๐Ÿ˜›

Sucker Punch – This movie is growing on me. Looks like I’ll probably be going to see it just because it’s the director that gave us 300 and Watchmen.

Fast Five – Getting closer. So looking forward to this one.

Super 8 – Longer preview and I’m still iffy. I think I’ll wait for DVD.

Bad Teacher – No. No. No. More no. And lots of no. I’m not much of a Cameron Diaz fan anyway. So, no.

Priest – Looking forward to this one. I still want to read the manga, even the movie and the manga has nothing in common but the vampires and the name. ๐Ÿ˜›

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