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Movie Review: Beastly


Kyle is Mr. Good Looks and Popularity until he pisses off the school witch. Now he’s cursed. He’s lost the looks he used to trade in on and is replaced with a body he can’t even stand to look at. He has one year to find someone to love him despite his looks or he’ll be trapped that way forever.

This is the classic Beauty and the Beast story. I mean almost verbatim but with a modern twist. For fans of the B&B story (no matter which incarnation), you know exactly what will happen and how it will happen. The fun of this movie is seeing how they go about it.

The characters were fun though the movie doesn’t go too deeply into any one character, not even the main character. It’s a great way to pass the time. I rate this as a “want to get laid tonight” movie for the guys who are wondering why they should suffer through this obvious chick flick.

Parents, this movie is completely innocent. Go for it. Take the whole family. Okay not completely innocent since it is PG-13 but I think they were stretching with that rating.

My favorite part of the movie was Mary-Kate’s outfits. I LOVED her shoes. I’m betting those same shoes will sky-rocket in price now.

Hop – I’m up and down about this one. It looks so cute though. 😀

Sucker Punch – Still want to see that dragon.

Madea’s Big Happy Family – I am not a Madea fan, so this isn’t on my list of things to see.

Soul Surfer – I like inspirational “based on true stories” on DVD only.

Hanna – This looks interesting. I like Eric Bana. And secret operative / super soldier movies are always fun.

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