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Movie Review: Drive Angry

Drive Angry

Basic Premise
Milton is a man on a mission. His daughter has been brutally murdered and his granddaughter was kidnapped by devil worshipers intent on sacrificing her to usher in the coming of the new era of darkness. That era has to get past Milton first.

Well, I can say this — the movie lived up to its title. There was a lot of angry driving. I wish I hadn’t had to pay 3D prices to see this movie. Matter of fact, I wish I hadn’t paid at all.

Normally I put the parental warning at the end of the review. I’m putting it at the top. ATTENTION PARENTS: This is a HIGHLY sexualized movie. There’s more tits bouncing around the screen than a variety show in Vegas. There are sex acts during gun fights. And speaking of gun fights, people’s arms and legs and heads are summarily removed from their bodies using large firearms, and said dismemberment is shown in FULL vivid 3D color. You have been warned.

I had to stew on it a while before writing this review, and I hate to say it since I try to see the redeeming quality in any movie, but this had none. It was a way to pass the time. As I already said, I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t paid non-matinee 3D price for two tickets. Since I did, I’m not at all happy with the movie I got.

This movie pulls no punches. Nothing is sacred. You know how most action movies won’t show a man hitting a woman? They might allude to a man hitting a woman, but the camera cuts away so it’s off screen or he just slaps her. And usually they have that obligatory female bad guy matched up with the female good guy/love interest and it’s a whole little cat fight thing (cheap thrill for the guys). Uh yeah. Not in this film. That is an on-screen ass whooping I won’t soon forget.

And then there was The Accountant, William Fichtner’s character. I see someone has been watching too many reruns of Christopher Walken as Gabriel in The Prophecy. Even saying that, he was my favorite character out of the whole movie. His character made the movie somewhat bearable. But then his character also made me want to go watch The Prophecy again.

People who liked Grindhouse will probably get a kick out of this movie. You can’t quote me on that since my hubby loved Grindhouse and hated this. But it’s along those lines of cheesy action. Suffice to say, I’m thinking Nick Cage did it for the paycheck.

Red Riding Hood – Despite the Twilight-crowd appeal, I do want to see this. And, I got a free movie ticket. So looks like I will be seeing it.

Thor – Hotness approaches. I’ll be there with my bib on to catch the drool. I’m sure the movie will be good too, but I’m already telling you that I’m going to see this movie for the same reason I saw 300.

A Better Life – *sigh* No.

Fast Five – Oh yes. We are getting closer. I can see the muscles rippling on the horizon. 😀

Source Code – This is definitely a DVD movie for me. I usually love groundhog day-esque movies/shows, but eight minutes is a bit on the ridiculous side for romantic believability.

Apollo 18 – I think I’ll wait for this to be part of a USA Halloween marathon. 😛

Priest – I’m still looking forward to this movie even if it is loosely (and I mean 30 year career porn star “loose”) based on the manga by the same name.

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