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Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

Valerie is loves one man but is betrothed to another. That becomes the least of her worries when the age old pact with the big bad wolf threatens the safety of all within the village.

I really liked it. It hit all of the major points of the original Red Riding Hood tale without being trite or cliche. I do mean the original, not the Disney-fied version.

The vibrant clothing colors set off the movie atmosphere instead of making it seem cartoony. It was almost like a very bright horror movie (is that the genre for this?). The best part of the movie was trying to figure out who was the wolf. Every time I thought I had it, another clue popped up that pointed to someone else. I love when movies aren’t predictable and keep you guessing.

I was a little apprehensive since this was the director who gave us Twilight, so I was expecting angst aplenty. Thankfully, it was sorely lacking. The only similarity were the rolling mountains covered in trees. Director Catherine Hardwicke definitely likes a good landscape shot. That’s not a bad thing. I’d love to see some of those shots turned into posters.

But I digress.

Parents, this movie is edging on horror. I say edging because the killing takes place off camera. A lot of pan-aways at the critical moment and then you come back to see a body, but no blood or very little. There are some sexual moments, but those aren’t many. There’s also drinking and I think I remember some cursing, but it was slight.

The people who liked Twilight will like this movie. I mean hey, it’s the same audience. Besides, I think they used the same effects team to render the wolf. Also not a bad thing. I loved that wolf.

Your Highness – No but hell no. And wow. Natalie Portman is in everything. I know she was probably racking up face time since she has a baby on the way, but wow. This is like the sixth or seventh movie in two years.

Insidious – By the people who brought you Saw and Paranormal Activity. That’s enough to make me not see it. However, the premise of the kid being haunted instead of the house is intriguing.

Bad Teacher – I think she’s going to end up with the gym teacher after she makes a fool of herself going after the substitute. That’s my guess. I’m not going to the theater to find out. If anyone sees this movie, let me know if I’m right.

Super 8 – Ahhhh JJ Abrams. I loved you with Star Trek, not so much with this. It’s got the same marketing ploy as Cloverfield — don’t show the monster (or whatever) in any preview to build up viewer curiosity. I wasn’t curious for Cloverfield and I’m not curious about this.

Water for Elephants – Robert Pattinson… automatic no. I only tolerate him in Twilight and that’s just barely. The sad thing is, even if he wasn’t the lead, I still wouldn’t want to see it. It has a Titanic feel to it.

Something Borrowed – I don’t like the premise of this movie. Mousy girl doesn’t speak up and loses her first love then decides to try again five years (?) later when her best friend is about to marry the guy. FAIL! I’m all for the underdog but that’s some world class backstabbing right there. How am I supposed to root for this character when I think what she’s doing is seriously wrong and twisted?

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