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Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Basic Premise
Baby Boll is on a mission to bust out of her unlawful imprisonment, and she’s taking her friends with her.

Pretty much everyone I heard from hated this movie. I almost hesitate to say I liked it. My husband and I found it entertaining. There’s two reasons for this:

#1 – We went in for the special effects. I wasn’t expecting much except pretty pictures. That’s what I got. I’m happy. The special effects were beautifully done. I love, LOVE that dragon. That’s one of the best movie dragons I’ve seen in a while. The opening anime-esque sequence was one of my favorites. Any fan of the genre will like that scene.

#2 – We paid matinee, non-3D price for it. I’m not spending money on 3D anymore. The movie industry can kiss my ass. After the whole fiasco with Drive Angry, if they don’t offer a 2D alternative, I just won’t see it.

Most people hated the movie because they got lost. To me, the movie was easy to follow and made perfect sense. I got the gist of the story, understood the end, and liked the way everything was presented.

This movie had a little bit for everyone. It had 60’s B/W influence, an anime influence, a war-movie meets steampunk influence, and futuristic/I, Robot thing going. It hit all the bases without really touching any… that can be good and bad.

I only have two real complaints:

#1 – You never get to see Baby Doll dance. She’s supposed to be a phenomenal dancer that entrances all who see her and yet you (the movie-viewing audience) never see her dance. Matter of fact, you never see anyone dance.

#2 – Most of the characters were forgettable. Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, and Rocket are the characters I remember because those are the characters the director wants you to remember. There were two other girls that blended together in my mind because neither truly stood out. They even dressed alike. Except for Blue, the villain, the other characters were background noise — you can easily tune them out and forget they are there.

All in all, I liked it. I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out. I’ll buy the soundtrack, as soon as I find someone who has the CD.

Parents – there is violence, LOTS of gun play, people being stabbed with sharp objects, really strong language, and high amounts of sexuality.

Arthur – I barely remember the first version of this movie. I don’t want to see the remake.

Friends With Benefits – Didn’t Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher already make this movie? Doesn’t matter. I didn’t see that. I won’t see this… even though, this one looks funnier.

Scream 4 – This looks good and funny (like most horror movies). The only problem is that I’ve only seen snippets of the first three movies. I guess I would have to watch them all the way through if I want this one to make sense.

X-Men First Class – The more I see of this trailer, the more I cringe. I think I’m having flashbacks to the first X-Men movie. I have to keep reminding myself that Marvel has control of their movies and this one probably won’t suck… probably.

Fast Five – Oh you know I want to see this. I can’t say it enough. Vin Diesel and Rock, baby. YEAH!

Captain America – I want to see this. The effects look nice (face swap technology in use here). My only issue is Chris Evans. He’s already the Human Torch. Unless Marvel is planning to retcon the Fantastic Four movies like they are doing Spiderman, WTF?! There are hundreds of thousands of actors out there. Why do they keep recycling the same people?

The Hangover Part 2 – I didn’t see the first one. I sure as hell am not seeing this one.

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