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Movie Review: Thor


Basic Premise:
Thor is the son of Odin, the heir to the throne of Asgard and an arrogant, battle-hungry youth who doesn’t see the consequences of his actions until it’s too late. Now he’s stripped of his powers and banished to Earth, leaving Asgard in the hands of his brother Loki, who only seems concerned with his own interests.

STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE CREDITS. The very end of the credits. If you paid the money, watch the WHOLE movie. There is something at the VERY tail end of the credits. You know how Marvel is. They are setting up the Avengers movie HARD.

On to the movie review.

Chris Hemsworth is a very luscious man. I mean totally drool-worthy. He didn’t have his shirt off nearly enough in this movie. If he had, I might have overlooked the very, extremely WEAK plot.




I haven’t seen plot this weak since Spider-Man 3 and Punisher (the one with Thomas Jane in 2004). And remember Marvel ret-conned those. Marvel, REALLY!!?? This is the best you could do? Do your writers even READ the friggin’ comics? Your fans do.

Even for people who are not comic readers (like my friend’s niece who went to this with me), this plot was weak. The romance was forced, very reminiscent of Night at the Museum 2. AND the timeline was crap. Thor managed to learn a HUGE life-altering, personality-changing lesson in two days. TWO DAYS!!?

Any person who reads my blog movie reviews knows I am a Marvel fan through and through (we’ll just ignore that thing with Black Panther and Storm like it never happened). Marvel makes a movie and I am there. I wish I hadn’t gone the midnight showing. If I had waited for a late morning matinee, I could have saved $4 and put it in my gas tank. I’m just glad that I didn’t see it in 3D, not that I would have.

Not even the cameo of Hawkeye (Agent Barton) could save this movie for me. I only hope they can recoup this when they do the Avengers movie.

Parents, there is fighting and things blowing up, but no blood shed or harsh language. Feel free to take the kids if you need them out of the house for two hours.

Marvel comic movie fans, I say to you this — take your chances if you want. For me, I’m waiting for this to come out on DVD and hit the $5 mark before I spend more money on it.

Green Lantern – Woot! This is a story before Sinestro goes evil. That means the next movie should show that. I’m looking forward to this.

Cowboys & Aliens – I’ve already mentioned this movie, but I’ll say again that I’m looking forward to it. The more I see of the main chick, the more I don’t trust her. We’ll see what she does in the movie. 😛

Colombiana – Oh look, Losers tanked in theaters so they’re trying it again with the same actress and minus all of the male leads. The sad thing, I’ll probably go see it only because there’s an interracial relationship in it. *droops head* I know, I’m easy sometimes. At least there will be lots of death and destruction.

X-Men: First Class – The more I see of this new preview, the more I want to see the movie. That’s a good thing. Hopefully I won’t regret it.

Super 8 – Snoooooooooooze.

Captain America – I’m totally looking forward to this one. I’m betting they end the movie with him frozen in a glacier, but we’ll see how they play it.

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