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Movie Review: Green Lantern Emerald Knights

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Basic Premise
A rookie Green Lantern gets a crash course in Green Lantern Corp history while preparing the for the greatest and most deadly battle she will probably ever face.

Before anyone gets their panties in a twist. This is the DC Entertainment animated movie that came out on DVD 07 June 2011, not the live action movie due out in theaters 17 June 2011. The is DC’s second Green Lantern animated movie.

I absolutely loved this movie. I wish DC had put this one out before Green Lantern: First Flight. Not because this one is better, but because of the story lines. You’ll have to watch both to see what I mean because to spell it out would be to give away plot for those who have never read the comics and don’t know the history.

But, I digress. This movie gave you Green Lantern Corp highlights. The first Green Lantern story as well as stories of other Green Lanterns who have lived through and done extraordinary things. Each story is presented as a sort of anecdote to the newest Green Lantern recruit who is trying to get over her new ring jitters. I really enjoyed that form of story telling.

Of all of the DC animated movies to date, I think I would rank this one my second favorite after Batman: Under the Red Hood. I should start another list in my sidebar just so I can keep track. 😛

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