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Movie Review: Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Basic Premise
A secret long kept about man’s real reason for racing to the moon is now found out. Sam and the Autobots must uncover and stop a new Decepticon plot that threatens Earth and all mankind.

End of Credits
There’s something part way into the credits. I couldn’t stay until the very end of the credits, so I don’t know if something is there as well.

Halfway through the movie, I realized that this is the ID4 of 2011 — fighting for the survival of the human race against an alien threat. They even had the stirring speech. And like ID4, I expect Transformers to do extremely well this summer.

This is by far the best of the movies to date. Michael Bay has finally figured out the characters and how to work these movies. The rumors are true, Optimus has his trailer and he USES it. He is very badass. I loved it.

If you liked the first two movies then you DEFINITELY want to see this one.

Parents there is some cursing. Lots of “shits” and under and a hint of an f-bomb, though it gets cut off by a clever scene cut. If your kids saw the first two, then they should be fine with this one.

Onto to the minor nitpicky things:

#1 – I have issue with Optimus’s opening speech. He says it’s been a year since they arrived on Earth. Uh WRONG. Sam was a junior in high school in the first movie. He was a freshman in college in the second movie. In this third movie, he’s graduated college. Did the writers forget this?

#2 – They could have easily cut a half hour off the first half of the movie and added it to the end of the movie. The movie just stops. Like someone walked up to Michael Bay, told him they were running out of money, and he yelled CUT then and there.

#3 – What happened to RC?

I have some other nitpicks, but those contain spoilers. Aside from those things, I loved the movie. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Abduction – It’s nice to see Taylor Lautner playing a starring role in something. Even if that something looks like a male verison of Hanna. I might still want to see it though.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt2 – Very soon and the madness will all be over. I’m looking forward to this conclusion.

Cowboys & Aliens – This will be out soon and I’ll be in the theaters to see it.

Moneyball – I saw this preview for a second time and think I might actually want to see it in theaters. Depends what else is out that weekend.

Killer Elite – Based on a true story. Don’t care if they made it up. It has Jason Statham. I am so there.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Funny, I didn’t think there would be anymore MI movies. Well, I’ll be there. It looks as fun as the others.

Captain America – Different preview. Longer and still showing a good side to a movie that promises to be very interesting.

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