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Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens

Basic Premise
Jake Lonergan just woke up in the middle of nowhere with a strange device on his arm and no memory of who he is. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to know who is, and they want him in jail or dead. Jake gets a reprieve when aliens attack and he has the only weapon that can bring them down.

End of Credits
We didn’t stay for the end of the credits.

I hate to say this, but this movie left me feeling ambivalent. I really hate when this happens. I didn’t love it. I can’t even say I liked it. But, I can’t say that I hated or disliked it either. I’m stuck firmly in grey area for this one.

This is one of those movies you watch because you’re sick of flipping through the channels for something interesting/good. This movie just is. There’s no real connection to any one character, and that might be the issue.

It’s a western with aliens tossed in for some variety. Oh and don’t think just because there are aliens that they left out the Indians. They’re there too.

If you have nothing else better to spend your movie money on, then feel free to see this movie. It’s entertaining and pretty to look at. It even has some funny parts at times.

In Time – This looks really interesting. It’s a great premise. But I’m not going to chance a movie theater visit on a great premise. I’ve been burned by that before.

Moneyball – I’m going to make a point of watching this when it comes to DVD.

Killer Elite – Oh you know for a fact that I’ll be the first in line for this one. Jason Statham. Hell yeah. I am there.

Contagion – If I want a movie about a scary plague, I’ll watch The Stand.

Shark Night – Jaws meets Lake Placid. PASS!

Tower Heist – Well this looks nice and stupid. Pass.

Battleship – WTF!!!!!? Really? I mean seriously. REALLY!? They made a movie out of the popular board game. I can only shake my head and laugh at this. The sad part is that I’ll probably go and see it.

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