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Movie Review: Fright Night

Fright Night (2011)

Basic Premise
Charley’s new neighbor is a vampire. It’s up to Charley to keep his mother and girlfriend — in fact the whole neighborhood — safe from this new menace.

End of Credits
Nothing there. You can roll out as soon as they start.

This remake is as campy as the original. It’s not a revisioning of the same script. This is a new script, using the old premise as a jumping off point. Chris Sarandon even made a cameo that got a laugh out of the audience.

There were some great jump moments, but what made this movie for me was David Tennant. I will be totally honest and say I went to see the movie because he was in it. I might have seen it even if he wasn’t, but he made the movie for me. In fact, the movie didn’t start getting enjoyable until his character arrived <- That's a warning. This movie is a great way to pass the time. Not a must see, but still enjoyable. Colin Farrell made a great villain. Previews
Real Steel – I’m looking forward to this one.

John Carter – I see Hollywood has discovered the drawing power of steampunk. This isn’t strictly steampunk, but pretty close. Not sure if I find this interesting though. If there is nothing else coming out that week, I’ll probably go see it.

Killer Elite – In a few more weeks I will partake of Jason Statham goodness. 😀

Underworld: Awakening – I’m going to see this because I saw the other three. I do have an issue with what I’ve seen in the preview. It smacks too much of the disappointment I received after seeing Resident Evil: Extinction. We’ll see come January.

Paranormal Activity 3 – Did the other ones have a plot? Oh well, who cares. I didn’t see those, and I’m not interested in seeing this one.

The Thing – I’m not sure what I think about this movie. I do know I’m not going to be seeing it. Not because it might be bad or anything. The preview just didn’t catch my attention.

This falls under my quest to see and rate the vampire movies out there so here’s the other info:

Vampire Weaknesses
– Sunlight
– Stake through the heart
– Holy objects
– Garlic

Vampire Traits
– Messy eater
– Blood trade to turn victims into vampires
– Super strength and speed
– Facial/bodily deformations when vamping
– Heal most anything

Personal Rating

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