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Guest Post: Altered Doesn’t Mean Bad…

Altered Doesn’t Mean Bad – It Just Means Different
by Lynda K. Scott

Good morning all!

Wookie, my alien kitten, and I are delighted to be visiting you today. It’s been a very interesting time for us since I decided to self-publish my novel, Altered Destiny…which has had a very altered destiny indeed.

The novel was originally published a few years ago by a publisher who went belly up two weeks after they published it. I didn’t know what to do with it once I got my rights back because many publishers don’t want to deal with a book that has already been published.

Just about the same time the publisher went belly up, Wookie came along. I first saw her when she was about three weeks old. Actually, I heard her before I saw her. One of the men who worked with me carried this tiny kitten into the office and the poor baby was crying its little head off. He’d apparently found it in the grass outside the building and rescued it from being run over by the big lawn equipment. He intended to call Animal Control but what would they do with a kitten so young its eyes were barely open and its ears were still folded. The baby’s teeth were bare lumps. It would need bottle feeding every few hours. I knew they wouldn’t be able to do it.

So I took her home. Then to the vet who pronounced her healthy and listed all the things I’d need to do to keep her that way. I enlisted my daughter’s help while we attempted to find a Kitten Rescue Shelter to take the baby in. Luckily for me, all the shelters were full.

So the alien kitten adopted me and my home as her own. Her destiny was altered from a short, dangerous feral life to a life of comfort as my alien kitten, aka muse, writing partner and evil overlord 😉 Oh, and contest judge as you’ll see later on.

One day, when I was lamenting about Altered Destiny, Wookie pointed out that altered doesn’t mean bad. It just means different. She reminded me that this book had garnered a lot of contest awards before it was published and that meant that a lot of people had to have liked it. So we kicked around the idea of publishing Altered Destiny ourselves. The book was ready to be published but it needed a cover.

Wookie thought a picture of her would make a good cover. But I pointed out that even though she’s a beautiful alien kitten, there weren’t any alien kittens in the story. Besides I wanted something to reflect the handsome hero and the fact the book is a paranormal. So I consulted my web designer, Rae Monet, whose talent is utterly amazing. She came up with a cover that simply rocked me it was so good. (And it was hugely better than the original cover which had some poor berserk looking fellow swinging a sword). All I needed now was to figure out how to get the formatting done so it would work on the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.

That was a little tricky but I’ve worked with computers and software for years. None of them have beaten me yet. This wasn’t going to be the first time. When I finally got the formatting mastered, I submitted it to both Amazon and B&N. Then I also put it up on Smashwords so it would be available in more formats.

Wookie thought that was brilliant because she expects more Greenies. But she’s kind of partial and not above flattery when her favorite treats are involved so you have to take her opinion at face value most of the time. This time, however, she might be right. When I see Altered Destiny on either of the websites, it just makes me realize that nothing, nothing, can’t be changed. We just have to be open enough to possibilities to recognize an opportunity when we see one.

Wookie did that when she came to live with me and we’re both happier for it.

Altered Destiny Excerpt

The woman trembled, eyes wide as she stared at the bluff. Her teeth pressed against her lower lip hard enough he wouldn’t have been surprised to see blood. Devyn recognized the building hysteria. His chest tightened; he’d seen like expressions all too often and it opened a raw, bleeding hurt in his chest.
Whoever she was, whatever she was doing here on this lonely stretch of beach, he couldn’t ignore her distress. But…he had to stay in character, had to be the frivolous, incompetent Bard. He could not let her suspect he was the outlaw Reiver Lord.
Placing his fingertips on her elbow, he expected her to collapse into tears, into his arms. Most women would. This lass drew a deep breath and jerked away from the light contact. She settled a fierce, midnight-blue gaze on him. “What’s going on?”
A feeling, half-familiarity, half-lust, swept over him. Her hair, short and curly, gleamed with dark fire among its mahogany strands. He knew her. He’d never seen her before but, somehow, he knew her. He knew the tiny scar under her left eyebrow. He knew those full, sensuous lips, that determined set to her jaw. Aye, he knew her. He just didn’t know how he knew her. “I dinna ken, lass. Whyn’t tell me what you ken is going on?”
Planting her small fists on her hips, she surveyed the beach again. Her jacket gaped to reveal a striking red shirt that served her fair complexion well. She said, “I don’t know.”
Her voice was pure silk even edged with the frustration and anger she so clearly felt. He wanted suddenly to hear it while she was in the throes of passion, to hear it breathe words of desire into his ear. To stop that train of thought, he inhaled sharply. That was a mistake. Her scent, jasmine mixed with morning rain, teased his senses. The heat of her body touched his, made him want to gather her into his arms, and it stoked an uncomfortable heat in his roger. He took a step backward, away from the intoxicating smell, the drugging heat of her and fought wildly for his bard persona. “Well then. Shall I take ya hame?”
“You ken. Where you and your family live?”
She wasn’t a fabled Amazon but there was strength in her body that reminded him of the warrior-queen, Boudicea, who had fought and lost to the Romans so many centuries ago. She leveled a frown at him. “You’re trying to be funny, aren’t you?”
“You must admit, ‘tis unusual to find a woman alone in the midst of nae where.” He spent a moment adjusting his jacket and shirtsleeves. There was only one explanation for why she was here and alone. Casually, he asked, “Have you, by chance, run away from the Bounty?”
Her frown grew. “The Bounty?”
“Aye.” Helpfully, he added, “The Bride Bounty?”
“What are you talking about? A ship?” She shook her head, clearly puzzled, and then rubbed her temples. “Oh, never mind,” she murmured. Her head came up, the strong jaw firmed. “I must have wandered farther down the beach than I realized last night. That’s all. One bit of rocky sand looks like another.”
In a flash, she was off, striding northward. Devyn spent a moment admiring the sweet shape of her arse in those scandalous trousers before he hastened to catch up with her. “Lass? Lass, a moment please.”
“No.” She stopped abruptly. Devyn pulled up short to keep from running over her again. “No, this is the right spot. It was up there. The sea stairs were right by that boulder.”
She seemed to be talking to herself, not him which was just as well since he had no idea what she was talking about. One thing he knew, there was not and never had been a cottage here. “Lass, surely you’re mistaken–”
Without a word, she launched herself at the bluff. Devyn knew this spot was unscalable–he’d been here often as a child and tried it himself. The strange lass was going to kill herself or, at the very least, break a bone. He positioned himself beneath her as she made it a short distance up. The inevitable happened. She lost her grip. As she slid down the rough, rocky slope, he caught her. She sobbed once, a wretched twist of sound that called to his own buried grief. A tear tracked down her cheek as he settled her feet on the ground. His throat constricted as he remembered all those he had lost over the years and his hands shook as he examined her for injury. “Are ya hurt, lass?”
Without waiting for an answer, he pulled her close, folding her into his arms like a treasure he’d always coveted. She fit him, neither too tall, nor too small, with her head nestled under his chin. Her scent filled his lungs again, bringing to mind sweet summer mornings filled with promise, with joyful laughter. The sense of familiarity struck anew. His arms tightened, held her protectively. Possessively.
That thought frightened him but he couldn’t force himself to release her. In neither of his roles as the Bard or the Reiver Lord could he possibly claim a woman as his own. The Reiver was an outlaw, a mythic figure used to set free the lassies taken as Bride Bounty. The Bard was a spy hiding behind a false façade of joviality and incompetence. Worse, the Bard was Cuini’s whore and that fact alone made him…unclean.

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  • Hi everyone! It's a beautiful day here. Wookie is 'singing' by the door (she's eager for breakfast) so I can't stay too long right now. But I'll be back to check for any comments 😉

    Thanks again, Renee, for having me here!

  • Daun Ann says:

    Wookie is very beautiful. Lucky she found you.

    Great excerpt.

    Daun Ann
    dakorty AT gmail DOT com

  • Victoria says:

    What a wonderful story about Wookie.
    I love kitty cats too. My Aunt saved a litter of four when the mom died a few days after birth. She had to feed them with an eye dropper and rub the bellies with a damp warm cotton ball (acts like the mom licking and stimulates digestion).
    All this leads to the kitty I had for over 20 yrs. His name was Ewok because my little cusin thought he looked like and Ewok. When I took him he was a year old and scrawny. My uncle told him he'd have a great life with me in Cleveland. And he was right. Ewok went from 2 1/2 pounds to 12 pounds of solid muscle in a couple months.
    Thanks for the excerpt and please pull a string for Wookie to attack for me ;).


  • Hi Daun, Wookie thanks you for the compliment. And I thank you for the compliment on Altered Destiny ;~)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Victoria! It's quite an experience to raise a kitten from a tiny age. I used an eyedropper for Wookie and did the tummy rub thing too. Wookie purrs when she eats and I like to think she associates that with me feeding her when she was an infant

    Thanks for stopping by and Wookie thanks you for the string 😉

  • Lynda says:

    Thanks again for having me, Renee. I put all the names of all the entrants this week into a box and had Wookie select the winner…

    Congrats, Daun Ann! I'll email you shortly with a coupon for a free copy of Altered Destiny!