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Animated Movie Review: Batman Year One

Batman: Year One

Basic Premise
Bruce Wayne has just returned to Gotham City after an extended absence. Everyone is eager to see what the boy billionaire will do now that he is home. Unbeknownst to the public, he’s starting a new career as the city’s night time avenger.

As with all of DCU’s animated movies, Batman: Year One is good. Not as good as some but better than others.

Despite the title, this is more of a story of Jim Gordon pre-commissioner years with Batman stuffed into the down times to keep the plot going and interest high. Oh yeah, and you meet Selena Kyle/Catwoman.

I didn’t mind seeing Jim Gordon’s story. This was a whole new side to him. It was also a whole new side to Gotham. As bad as it is portrayed in the animated series we all came to know and love, it was way worse before Batman showed up on the scene.

Unlike its predecessors, the DCU short that accompanied this installment was actually related. The Catwoman you meet in the movie stars in the short. I loved the storyline — simplistic yet powerful. And you get to see Catwoman pole dance. What fan boy wouldn’t love to see that?

All in all, a good movie that I plan to watch again. Though I may be biased since I am a Batman fan.

Parents, as with DCU’s other movies, this is PG-13 for a reason and has some content that might not be right for anyone under 13. There are people getting shot, beat up, blown up and other such violence that makes Batman… well, Batman.

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