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Retro Movie Review: Netherbeast, Inc.

Netherbeast, Inc.

Year: 2007
Length: 1hr 28min
Starring: Steve Burns (vampire), Amy Davidson (human)

Vampire Weaknesses:
– Daylight
– Garlic
– Wooden stake through heart

Vampire Traits:
– Super strength (sometimes)
– Rapid healing
– Longevity
– Born a vampire
– Drink blood as well as eating human flesh

Personal Rating: Good

Basic Premise:
It’s a normal cubicle work day — Otto has to redo a report someone else flubbed, a business consultant is coming to the company to “re-organize”, and oh yeah his boss drove a stake through his co-worker’s chest. Otto’s life as a vampire just got interesting.

This was funny. I enjoyed this new take on the vampire legend/myth. Mixing vampirism with a normal, everyday cubicle work place was genius. It’s Office Space meets Lost Boys. If you enjoyed this movie, you’ll like this one too. It’s the same irreverent humor.

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