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4th Qtr 2011 Movie Recap & Changes

There was a combination of not many movies coming out that I wanted to see, packing up and moving from one side of the US all the out to the other, and getting caught up on writing that contributed to me not seeing many movies between October to December 2011.

Here’s a recap of my Top 10 of 0ct-Dec 2011 (thought it never got to ten):

Top 10 of Oct-Dec 2011

#1 – Happy Feet 2

#2 – Real Steel

#3 – Sherlock Holmes

#4 – Mission Impossible

#5 – Breaking Dawn, Pt 1

#6 – Immortals

There are several movies that I’ll probably do retro reviews for when I get around to watching them, if I feel like it.

Things are changing for 2012. I’m all settled out here in Hawaii, and the hubby and I are getting back into our movie watching routine. I’m cutting out the previews section of each review. Not to worry, I’ll still give my take on coming movies. I’ll just be doing it in a post all its own so I’m not repeating the same thing over and over if I happen to see repeat trailers, which I will be since there are three movies coming out 20 Jan that I want to see. 😀

Instead of the previews section in every movie review, I will include reviews from other authors. I’ve invited my fellow authors to share their opinions with me so I can share them with you. Whether we agree or disagree, if they send me the review, I’ll post it. As always, my “no spoilers” rule is still in full effect.

I hope everyone enjoys this new movie review format and the 2012 movie release schedule.

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