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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Basic Premise:
Holmes is pitted against a mind as cunning as his own in a high stakes game of cat and mouse that could cost him not only his life but the life of all those he holds dear.

Those who liked the first will love the second. It keeps to the same style of story-telling and narrative without being a complete copy. Robert Downey Jr. is such a great choice for this role and he does a spectacular job.

The movie runs the emotional gauntlet, from laughter to tears. It’s engaging and very entertaining. I especially loved meeting Holmes’s brother.

My only real issue with the movie is Moriarty’s endgame. It was very reminiscent of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and that annoyed me. Though it’s nice to see that Moriarty is Moriarty no matter who is writing him and he is very single-minded in his motivations.

I would say this installment in the Sherlock Holmes story is a bit more violent than the first, so keep that in mind if you plan to take children.

This Means War – They should have called this Spy vs Spy. In the preview, they did. I’m sure the people who own the Spy Vs. Spy franchise wouldn’t let them though. This movie looks HILARIOUS. I want to see it.

Hunger Games – As I said before, this looks like an intriguing movie, but I think I may be waiting for DVD.

Haywire – It’s the female Jason Bourne. I want to see it. 😀

Battleship – As I live in Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, I am pretty much obligated to see this since it was filmed right off the coast of Pearl Harbor. Now that I’ve seen a plot that involves more than a rehash of the Armageddon premise, I’m a little more interested.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

  • Mardel says:

    I really want to see Sherlock – but then I said the same thing when the first Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock movie came out and I still haven't seen it. I think my son ought to treat me to a viewing, don't you? LOL

  • Mardel – It does help to see the first before you see the second. So do a double feature — see the first one at home and then have your son take you to see the second directly after. 😀

    ~ Renee

  • Nice review of the movie!

    I liked the first one better. Downey Jr makes an interesting Sherlock Holmes.