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Movie Review: Act of Valor

Act of Valor

Release: 24 February 2012
Starring: Active Duty Navy SEALs
Directors: Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Length: 111 min.
Rating: R

The only easy day was yesterday.

Basic Premise:
It’s another day in the “office” for this SEAL team sent to rescue a captured American government agent and save the United States from terrorists.

My Review:
Ever so often Hollywood gives us reality. And that’s a wonderful thing.

When I first heard of this movie and saw the teaser, I thought this would be just a live-action version of SOCOM, the video game based on Navy SEALs. And while the movie did offer prospectives that are reminiscent of the game that I’m sure many in the gaming community will enjoy, it was more than that.

Don’t go to this movie for spectacular acting, because it’s not there. Don’t go to this movie for a world class script, because that didn’t exist either. Don’t go to this movie just to see stuff blow up or people get shot at, because it’s more than that.

Go to this movie to get a glimpse into the lives of specially trained individuals and what they do when they punch the clock and report for duty to protect our nation.

Parents, the R-rating is earned through violence many, MANY times over. Think hard before taking young children to see this movie.

Nicole Morgan Review:

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