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Daz3D Creation: Troll Lover

Skipping the manga review today to put up something else. I’ve started dabbling in 3D rendering with Daz Studio. It’s an interesting program (and free) that’s a lot like playing with virtual dolls. Except these dolls can be posed in a million different ways that are both fun and frustrating.

So this is my first render, named Troll Lover. The heroine is an elf and the hero is a troll. This is just me playing around. As soon as I get the hang of it, I’ll start creating promo images to go along with my books as a gift with purchase kind of thing.

Click the image to see a bigger version.

For those wondering why I would do a troll rather than a traditional human hero, I totally blame Marguerite Arotin and her book The Last Sorceress. Fun read.

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One thought on “Daz3D Creation: Troll Lover

  • Gorgeous work with daz. 😉 There is something so cool about a beauty and the beast story. I think I've always been drawn to them. And thanks so much girl. I'm glad you liked Janet and Dazzart 😀