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D is for Dragons

A to Z Challenge: D

In case it wasn’t obvious by my topics over the last few days, my contributions for the A to Z Challenge are completely random. And today’s randomness is DRAGONS!

I love dragons. Love. Love. Love. I will watch any movie so long as it has dragons. Same with TV shows though I’m holding off on Game of Thrones. I’ll probably be binging seasons one and two very soon though. I don’t have cable so it’s not like I can watch season three any time soon. I have to wait for DVD.

But back to the topic at hand. I love dragons. I can spend hours staring at dragon pictures. Any artist who draws beautiful dragons has a fan for life in me — Ciruelo, Anne Stokes, Nene Thomas (I got hooked on her back when I used to play Magic the Gathering), and Carolina Mylius come to mind first.

– Flight of Dragons
– Reign of Fire
– Dragonheart I and II
– Dragonslayer
– D-War (sucked)
– Shrek (all of them but I regret seeing the last two)
– The Neverending Story I and II
– Spirited Away (anime)
– Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent rules!)
– Sword in the Stone (“Did I say PURPLE dragons? Did I?!”)
– Eragon
– Beowulf (2007)
– How to Train Your Dragon (LOVE!!)
– Dragons: Riders of Berk (series spin-off of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’)
– The Hobbit (though I would have watched this even without the dragon)

Seen them all multiple times (except D-War because that really, REALLY sucked and once was 2hrs of my life I’ll never get back) and loved every second. I have books featuring dragons that I need to finish and get published. I have several dragon romances in my TBR pile because the blurb said dragons — that’s pretty much all I needed to buy the book. Yes, I’m that easy.

The only reason I don’t have dragon posters plastered on the walls of my office is because my posters are in storage (necessity of a military move) and I’m not allowed to buy more (*pout*). But I have all my Todd MacFarlane dragons (I own the six in the series that I really liked) adorning my bookshelf.

I get weepy every time I think about missing Dragon*Con (*sniffle*) and I wish they really existed. Once I figure out that whole dimension hopping thing, I’m finding a reality where they do exist and leaving this one behind. 😛

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4 thoughts on “D is for Dragons

  • I too wished Dragons existed! I also love How to train your Dragon. Toothless is the best kind of Dragon, cute and cuddly, but deadly when needs be!

    • Renee says:

      I know, right? I love Toothless. It sucks that the series is being so evasive about answering any real questions about him too. I want to see other Night Furies. Though I do love the array of dragons they are showing us.

  • I love dragons, too. I particularly love the dragon culture used in Eragon. My baby’s nursery actually has a dragon on the wall my husband hand-painted. We call him Professor Thornsbury (he wears Harry Potter-esque glasses).